Marble Run – Frigits

This innovative marble run game with the name of Frigits uses the concept of the creative marble run or maze games with the use of magnets. Frigits is designed to be played on the surface of the metal refrigerator or other metal surfaces such as a white board.  If you refrigerator is like mine and magnets do not stick to the front of it, then purchasing and hanging a metal backed white board in your child’s bedroom or play room is a great idea.

Frigits are made of blue, green and purple plastic pieces that have magnet backings.  Each set below comes with marbles, so once the marble run set called Frigits arrives, it is ready to set up and play.

The Frigits Original marble run set comes with the following pieces:

  • 4 Blue and Green Rails
  • 1 Blue and Green Ferris Wheel
  • 1 Bucket
  • 1 Catch Box
  • 12 Marbles

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To the Frigits marble run set you can add the Frigits Deluxe set that comes with 11 unique pieces that will interchange with the Frigits Original set listed above.  For the extra price which is less than double the price of theFrigits Original, the Frigits Deluxe is a good buy.  This set includes:

  • 4 Blue and Green Rails
  • 2 Buckets
  • 1 Blue and Green Ferris Wheel
  • 1 Purple Tornado
  • 2 Serpentine Chutes
  • 1 Catch Box
  • 12 marbles

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For even more added fun, purchase the Frigits Extension – Launcher that comes in 2 blue pieces with a green rail that is 6″ long and 3 marbles to set the game up with a pinball-style launch.  Lots of Fun!

If you can put this magnetic marble run set on your refrigerator, then you may also want to add these Frigits Extension – Corners to your set of Frigits.  This marble maze set is recommended for children ages 7 and up, but I bet the adults in the family will have a hard time walking by the refrigerator without sending a marble done the maze. 

Teachers also like this marble run because besides teaching basic science skills, it occupies children for a long time.  It has been reported that teachers have to buy extra sets of Frigits because it is so popular with students.

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