Marble Maze Sets

Marble maze and marble run sets have been entertaining children’s imaginations for decades. Sets include numerous pieces and colors which allow for creative building designs so your child’s marble maze will be different each time they build it. Most sets come with flippers, hoppers, funnels, ramps, etc. for an exciting fun interactive game. This is a great toy idea to help develop your growing child’s hand-eye coordination. Select from a variety of marble run sets:

Shown here is the marble maze called the Transparent Marble Run by Play Structures.  This marble run comes with 48 transparent pieces and 16 silver marbles. Children can set up this maze with sharp turns, spins, switchbacks, staircases, etc. for hours of marble fun. The transparent, opaque colors allow your child to watch the marbles fly through the run.

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Also for the growing constructive mind, the Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis
is the largest marble maze set with 224 opaque tubular pieces, extra long bridges, double entrance funnels, unique spirals and real glass marbles for hours of imaginative play. This marble maze is a great way to allow your child to experience beginning physics. This set comes in durable plastic and has a storage box to keep all the pieces together.

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The Original Classic Marble Run Play Set comes with 68 bright and colorful pieces to allow your child to build lots of different marble maze combinations for hours of play. This Classic Marble Maze Run Play Set is recommended for children ages 5 years and up. Made of durable plastic which holds up under the volumes of usage.

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A great toy for fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination and organization skills is the Amaze-N-Marbles set. The Amaze-N-Marbles is a 60 piece set made of hard wood and comes with 10 glass marbles. Your child will build his or her own marble maze creating elaborate, maze-like castles which when a marble is let go, it will twist and turn throughout the maze with not knowing where it will come out next.  A great wooden marble run that will last years.

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A parents and teacher’s favorite is the Frigits Deluxe marble maze. The Deluxe Frigits set comes with 11 moveable pieces, 4 rails, 2 buckets, 12 marbles and a catch box.  There is an original set to start with and add onto if there is room on your refrigerator.  It would be fun to add a metal board onto your child’s bedroom wall or the classroom wall and then build onto with additional Frigits Marble Run pieces that include the launcher and corners.

This Frigits Marble Run is distinctly made with magnets to adhere to your refrigerator or sheet of metal mounted to the wall, and also has a purple tornado, blue-green ferris wheel, and 2 serpentine chutes for hours of fun.  Don’t forget to add the launcher and corner extensions.

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A great marble maze beginner set is the Blocks & Marbles Standard Set. This set comes with 21 blocks, 8 marbles and a storage bag. A great starter set or as a travel set to take on vacations or visits to grandma’s house. The blocks are made of durable wood such as maple, beech, ash and walnut which will last through the generations.

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